Nest building complete – Day 14

We’ve been out all day running errands and enjoying the warmth of the lower mountains. The sun has already set. There’s still light. I’m eager to begin the evening routine with a few minutes of quiet in the bush. Despite being too busy to publish writings over the past days, I’ve managed to prioritise sitting out in the bush. It is grounding me in profound ways.

I breathe and tune in…

I notice the colours have shifted dramatically. The greens and yellows a softer matte colour, fading into the evening. The tree branches above me are black against a white sky. A monochrome world. I admire the shapes of the branches and leaves. I imagine the darkness falling here. I imagine the nocturnal animals that roam about here. I wonder how the place feels in the black of night.

I hear some new birds. A beautiful song and a shrill alarm. I’ve not heard them before. I wonder who they belong to? “inside now! Back home!” My toddler isn’t impressed with my longing for blankets of night. He wants dinner and bed. I feel impatience. I also feel grateful for these few breaths of connections.

I see the nest has changed shape again. There is a covering over the entrance. Is it finished yet? When will they lay eggs? “Hooooommmmeee!” We wander slowly back to the house. The nest is now a precious treasure that I find myself thinking about throughout my days. I remember back to when I was a child. I had a special spot I’d sit on the headland to watch the storms come in from sea. I went there to think and be in my own space. It was a space where I could just be myself. Without any masks. Authentic and true. When I’d feel stressed, I always felt drawn back to my special spot overlooking the sea. 

I notice in the more stressful and frustrating parts of my days, I’m doing the same thing with my fallen log. I feel it pulling me. And I imagine sitting on it, breathing and watching the Thornbills flying into their nest. 
I realise how important it is to keep prioritising these snippets of time out bush.

Filling the spaces in between the chaos with slow, nourishing, spacious connection…

By Danielle Carey #wildgroundsitspot #30daychallenge

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