Stickman comes to hang – Day Ten

While heading outside, we find a stick insect among the kindling pile at the back door. My toddler is mesmerised. We take it with us to the sit spot… I breathe and tune in… The Thornbills are at their nest with tiny bits of grass in their beaks. They flutter up higher as we approach. We watch them watching us. The nest has grown bigger again. I wonder when they’ll finish?

I place the stick insect on the log. My toddler peers closely at the insect. I notice how slowly and tenderly he approaches and talks to it. 
The log is dry today and feels crumbly. My toddler notices this too and starts running back and forth along it without my support. He leans over the log and bounces on the thick bark which is rotting off the log’s underbelly.

I place the stick insect under the log and within seconds it vanishes. Camouflaged against the array of colours, textures and shapes of the forest floor debris. 
I search. DS searches. “Gone!” How easily he blends in. Safe from harm. Hidden from sight. Perfectly adapting to his surrounds.

Suddenly he appears again. On the exact same spot I placed him. My eyes playing tricks. It reminds me of the 3D puzzle pictures from the 1980s. Now you see it, now you don’t.

I pick up the insect. My toddler wants to take him home. I agree. “We’ll find some food and keep him safe to show your sister later?” I lie down on the forest floor. I feel my body heavily against the leaves and dirt. I imagine being able to vanish from sight, camouflaged against the forest debris. What would I see if that were possible? What a super power!

I look up to the sky, a bright rich blue. I breathe deeply. I can smell the eucalypts crushed under my body. I can also smell the rotten wood under the log. “Take home right now!” Says a voice above me.

My toddler is excited about our new friend and we wander back stopping to pick some young eucalyptus leaves for her to munch on back at the house.

By Danielle Carey #wildgroundsitspot #30daychallenge

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