Tired and wind swept – Day 15

I wander to my log alone this afternoon. I’m feeling wind swept and tired. 

I breathe and tune in… I notice how protected my spot is. I can see why the birds chose this spot for nestbuilding. High above the nest the wind wails through the trees. Branches are bending and swaying. Leaves rustling loudly. 
This wild wind. I’m so over it. Aching desperately for spring now. I hear it wailing and roaring around the house each evening as I lie in bed. It sounds like it will tear the place apart any minute. I’m yearning for some warmth. The cold has seeped into my bones at the moment.

I hear the Thornbills nearby. I call out to them. Within seconds they land on the Geebung tree. One of them holds a grey feather in its beak. I watch the other one preening itself. First one wing then the other. It wipes its beak along the branch it rests upon. I feel joy experiencing this moment.

I lie down on the log and look up to the tips of the trees. I feel more protected here. Underneath the wind. A safe space to watch it roar. Keeping low I explore my sit spot. I notice the underside of the nest is still incomplete. I notice some isopogan under the branches of the Geebung. I notice the shapes of the Geebung leaves. I notice an ants nest at the bottom of the gum tree.

I wander back into the yard. I’ve been listening to my toddler play in the patch of dirt destined to be our spring veggie patch. There’s a gigantic puddle of mud where the dirt patch usually is. The tap is running full pelt. My toddler is running in and out of the puddle laughing..

I smile. This!

By Danielle Carey #wildgroundsitspot #30daychallenge

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